Saturday, January 21, 2012

Strawberry Fare

The lesson for the day is to not hold the object you are trying to slice... and if the knife can cut through
meat, it's very likely that it is sharp enough to cut through the meat on your finger. Actually, the first lesson I learnt when I was young and had a knife stuck in the palm of my hand when my brother refused to cut an apple for me. I remember running around screaming and him ignoring me, but as I recall, there was a significant lack of blood,which is probably why I hadn't really learnt my lesson... until now. Or at least I hope... is it good to bleed so much before the Chinese New Year?

Hello Kitty handbag holder from Strapya World
I had a lovely dinner at Strawberry Fare the other night. Got to use my Hello Kitty handbag holder for the first time too, so cute. The only problem was with my handbag itself having such a long shoulder strap, so basically it was still sitting on the floor entirely defeating the whole purpose of a handbag holder. Nevertheless, I thought I was awesome and that rolling of the eyes thing Jack does, it must be some kind of eye disorder.

Mushroom Risotto
Beef Fillet on Truffled Potato Mash
I normally find it a rip off to go to a restaurant and pay so much for a dish made mostly of rice... but I have a thing for mushroom risottos, we go way back. Luckily it was good. Not as good as Jack's main though. I found myself scraping his mash every few seconds and boy was his beef fillet tender. I kind of felt bad for eating so much of his meal, but not really, I was just a bit annoyed that I was almost full and there was no way I was going to not eat dessert. You don't go to Strawberry Fare and not eat dessert. That's just insulting!

For dessert I got my favourite warm raspberry drenched chocolate cake. Three out of four times I come here I order that. Boring, but I can't help it. Jack ordered the tasting plate which was all part of my secret plan because I was going to eat bits (understatement) of his... unfortunately I had to order an ice chocolate as well so by the end of the meal I was happy but also in a lot of pain...why does milk not like me when I like it's creations so much? sigh


nothingsover said...

アイスチョコレート *__*

Sandy said...

@nothingsover とても おいしい!

nothingsover said...

@Sandy 飲みたい!:(

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