Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The $10.90 Fries...

They were good. Kind of chewy (the playful kind) and fresh. The sauces were a delight, and I liked the cumin flavouring in the tomato salsa. Was it worth $10.90? in a way no because it was just potato (possibly one and a half), but in saying that I would very likely order it again because it was really good and that makes it worth it right?

Fries make me happy!
Eggs Benedict 
I ordered a laksa style mussel soup. It was very creamy and tasty without that heavy feeling that laksa sometimes has. Jack was boring and ordered the eggs benedict with bacon. Afterwards we had just enough room for a chocolate drink (I didn't really but you know...) and that concluded our lovely lunch at She Chocolat

Birthday Tart
Almond Tofu with Fruit Salad
It's my baby sister's birthday today! I did intend on making the cake but the chance of me being lazy and unmotivated was very high so instead, we ordered a birthday tart from YahagiAlong with the tart we also had a refreshing almond tofu that my dad made the night before (the tofu... not the canned fruit).

Happy Sweet 16 Baby Sis! 


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