Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flying Burrito Brothers

Ugh, being woken up by a 5.0... not cool. Had an early night yesterday after an exhausting two hour stroll along the beach. Body is soooo sore.

The Pier
It was hot and windy. The sand was painfully cutting at the skin. I stole Jack's sunnies and lent him my scarf... actually the scarf was for my protection against the sand but he decided he needed it more and yes he did walk along the beach like that... luckily I had his sunnies to hide my identity because people were staring.

Such a Fashionista
We decided to get Mexican for dinner. I recommended Flying Burrito Brothers because prior to the quake it had always been my favourite place for margaritas and Mexican food... I miss the old location, purely for the memories but this was the first time Jack had been here so it was a great way to start a new one.

New location  is at the old Pizza Hut restaurant, but apart from the shape of the restaurant (obviously), colour themes and decorations were kept similar to the old Armagh street branch.

Raspberry and Feijoa Margarita
Selection of Hot Sauces
Machos Nachos and Ceviche
Un Poquito De Todo
Ancho Chilli Pork Enchilada
There was a 30 minute wait for a table so we started with margaritas at the bar. Didn't realise the ceviche came with corn chips so with a double dose of them (not that we are complaining), we were about 70% full by the time the mains came. Which was a shame because we were really looking forward to getting dessert too. Flavours were delightful and Mr picky was very impressed. I was sad when I couldn't finish my Mexican rice though, as I had been craving it for so long, but because you always try to eat the meat or more expensive ingredients first if you can't finish your meal (habit), I was way too full to carry on. Jack suggested next time we only get one starter... but we'll see... they were so good!


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