Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sample Bar - April

I haven't been busy, I've just been very lazy and too consumed with online shopping to do anything else. This box arrived last week which is great because the other box for March that I haven't been bothered to write about yet arrived very late, only like a week before this April one! So... Sample Bar, still my favourite sample subscription service!

Natural Goodies!
The theme for this box was Eco Chic, so apart from the little easter treat, everything was natural. I'm not normally a natural products person because I love my science and technology in products and what I use works for me, but the whole point of this thing is to try new things so let's see.
  • Evolu Travel Tower - One Tower
  • Antipodes Avocado Pear Night Cream - 5ml
  • Sorbet Shampoo Bar - 40g (approx. I weighed it on my kitchen scales)
  • Perfumies in Boys Boys Boys - 0.07oz (full size)
  • Tailor Masque Detoxifying Facial Treatment - 21g
The only thing I've tried from this box is the perfume stick and man is it strong! I think I could have just  put a dot on my wrist and it would have been good enough. Instead, I had to kind of draw an imaginary picture on both my wrists and well... I stink now. It probably doesn't stink, but it's too over powering now for me to concentrate and I do not think I smell pretty. Ugh.

There is a mask in this box but I'm probably not going to use it on my face because I have too many face masks to deal with now, but I read you can use it on your body and treats cellulite and firms so that's what I'm going to do tonight! So excited!

and I think next months box has already been leaked online (scandalous!) and I'm even more excited! I love Sample Bar! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cameron Japanese Family Restaurant

Super-sized Menu.
After about a month of facebook stalking (fun times), I was so excited to try Cameron for dinner the other night. They had no raw fish, basically there were only really steaks, curry rice and noodles but that's why it was enticing for some reason, and the fact that the restaurant was hamburger shaped!

Okay, before it was a Japanese family restaurant the hamburger shaped building existed as a takeaway bar for all the factory/garages workers in the area and that was never appealing, but make a few changes i.e. make it Japanese style... instant love.

For starters we got fries and octopus balls because I love fries... and I know they were just fries and very un-japanese, but at least they didn't try to deceive you in the menu by making them sound japanese-y... they were good for what they were and very reasonably priced.

Tempura Prawn Udon
Sushi Ball Set
Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice
Hamburger Steak and Teriyaki Chicken
Ribeye Steak
The only thing that disappointed me a little was the changes to the menu, because I like to study a menu beforehand so I don't get too excited and overwhelmed with selection. A few options were crossed out and in their updated menu on facebook today they even permanently cut a few things out.  They probably weren't as popular, which is sad because I will never get to try them but then again I only think that because the choice was taken away from me...

I ended up getting the steak because there was an option to add rice and miso to my dish for $3.50 and I love rice! The weird thing was when they asked if I wanted it in small, medium or large at no extra costs, so of course the cheapskate in me got the large size because it's the same price?! but hey, I may be a cheapskate but I do not waste food, I shared my large rice with my sister and we finished it! 

I did try a bit of my mum's udon which you could also add on a sushi ball set for an extra $2.50 and that was yummy. The udon was nice and chewy while the broth was beautiful and strong, much better than the one I get at the mall! I didn't try the chicken cutlet but the big chunks of beef in the curry was generous and looked very tasty.

After the main there was a little room for a shared dessert and to be honest, this was the main reason for coming.

Baked pudding strawberry ice cream sundae. Admittedly they were very unorganised and possibly the baked puddings weren't ready yet because it took nearly an hour for dessert to come, but that was fine because the little room we had for dessert didn't really exist, we just wanted it... and it really was worth the wait. It was like a party in the glass! So, it had whipped cream, the baked pudding, some fruit, chocolate sticks, strawberry ice cream, sponge cake, cornflakes, blueberries and strawberry jelly?! It was amazing! Seriously! 

If there's a lesson to be learnt from coming here, it's that I'm going to have get a smaller main next time so I can have one of these babies all to myself!
Monday, March 18, 2013

Sample Bar - March

My Sample Bar package today arrived and with miserable weather and Jack being gone I thought it would brighten up my day... I open the courier bag to be greeted with a slightly battered box garnished with a bow with badly cut ends on the ribbon, open the box and ugh, more black and white.

Don't get me wrong, after the initial bore of colours (nitpicking triggered by bad mood), I got over it and I actually didn't mind the box this month, still better than the other sample service's goods and value wise, I definitely got more than I paid for, so I don't know why people keep complaining that they got things not suitable for them blah blah blah, they're samples, you don't have to like them, you try them and I challenge you to open a sample service and tailor for every single annoying person out there. People...

  • Geoskincare Light Moisturiser - 50ml (full size!)
  • Carol Priest Almond and Lemongrass Facial Scrub - 15g
  • Model Co Black Eyeliner - 1.2g (full size)
  • Spa Ritual Bath Salts - 17g x 2
  • Bestow Beauty Powder - 10g
I actually tried the facial scrub today, it burnt my face a bit, nevertheless it looks fine and truth be told, a lot of scrubs normally burn my face so it was good to try even though it wasn't suited to my skin I didn't complain that it wasn't for my skin type or age... actually with all the years I've worked with skincare, I can say that a lot of people don't really know what their skin type is and most of the time it's because they are using the wrong products that makes them think they are the way they are. As for age, I have customers in their 60s with better skin than 20 year olds, so physical age means nothing in skincare.

Alright, that's my complaining done for the day, such a vicious cycle complaining about complainers... but they started it! :)

I am excited to try the rest of my goodies though... I only wish I had a bath tub for the salts... I guess I can use it as a hand or foot soak and a beauty powder for eating?! Interesting! Brushed my teeth already for the night, might try tomorrow in my yoghurt, I hope it makes me beautiful :p 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Crane A Day

I'm terrible at origami. I can only make two things, and it's not easy things like a paper plane or a boat which everyone seems to be able to make, I can only fold those serviette crowns that they do at cheap-ish family restaurants and cranes. That is all.

But cranes are very special and meaningful things for me anyway. You could say that I am slightly emotionally retarded, I don't do feelings that well and probably the worst person to come to if you are sad or happy, it's not that I don't feel them, I'm just not great at expressing them so what I would do instead was fold cranes with a wish inside and give them to people... strange but that's what I do.

Haven't felt the need to fold cranes in a long time but because Jack has gone for the time being, I folded him a crane to carry with him and said I would fold him a crane every day until the day he comes back permanently.

So this is my little project for now. Hopefully this page will not get too filled up with pictures of cranes.

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