Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Crane A Day

I'm terrible at origami. I can only make two things, and it's not easy things like a paper plane or a boat which everyone seems to be able to make, I can only fold those serviette crowns that they do at cheap-ish family restaurants and cranes. That is all.

But cranes are very special and meaningful things for me anyway. You could say that I am slightly emotionally retarded, I don't do feelings that well and probably the worst person to come to if you are sad or happy, it's not that I don't feel them, I'm just not great at expressing them so what I would do instead was fold cranes with a wish inside and give them to people... strange but that's what I do.

Haven't felt the need to fold cranes in a long time but because Jack has gone for the time being, I folded him a crane to carry with him and said I would fold him a crane every day until the day he comes back permanently.

So this is my little project for now. Hopefully this page will not get too filled up with pictures of cranes.


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