Friday, March 1, 2013


Better... but not wowed yet.

My GoodieBox arrived today a bit before 7.15am. I know this because my alarm is set to 7.15am and the courier man decided not to park in our driveway like most people and waltz on up to the front door. Instead he chose to knock on our laundry door which is next to my room, which would have been fine if it was connected to laundry room but no, the laundry room is connected to just the laundry room so yeah... and he was persistent... most give up and leave a card, this one, no...

But anyway, my February box arrived on the first day of March...

If I got this box as my first box, maybe I would have been a little more excited, but I didn't and after receiving my first Sample Bar, this one is good but hmmm.

  • L'oreal Professional Vitamino Color Shampoo - 100ml
  • L'oreal Professional Vitamino Color Gel Masque - 75ml
  • Summer's Eve Feminine Wash - 119ml
  • Freeman Apricot Creamy Facial Scrub - 6ml
  • Freeman Avocado and Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask - 6ml
  • Bodeze Exfoliating Soap - (full size?)
  • MOR Essentials Hand Cream - 80ml (full size?)
  • Lord & Berry Lipstique Ultimate Lipstick - .088oz
More items than last time, generous size shampoo, and I've used L'oreal Professional shampoo so I know they are decent but it's still lacking that one prestige product... maybe I'm just being a bit greedy and possibly a little grudged at the shortened sleep and it being March but they tried, and it is better than last months so I guess I'll keep my subscription for another month...


Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival but I won't be going this year because Jack is going to Auckland. Hopefully not for too long, but finding a job in this city is harder than we thought it would be so it's a matter of waiting and seeing. He will still be looking for jobs here as well as there but also be doing a semester at Auckland University. 

I've already stocked up on junk food because what do you do when you are sad and lonely? Eat.


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