Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Breakfast @ The Farmers Market

My "holidays" are over. Apart from the sleep ins and hours of doing nothing, the thing I will miss most is being able to go to the farmers market on Saturday.

Of course it's not as huge and exciting as the ones they have overseas but it was good enough. We still managed to spend over an hour there each time, even though most of time and money was spent on eating at the stalls, we did manage to get a few things for dinner on Sunday (my cooking day).

So these pictures are from Saturday. We started breakfast with pancakes.

Boysenberry Crush and Vanilla Bean Custard? with Greek Yoghurt.
Okay, I'm not the best with punctuation sometimes, I add commas everywhere, but I found the menu for the pancake place very confusing. Normally if I were listing two or more things together I would insert an "and" at the end of it to know where it finishes, in this case there were just commas after every single thing... so there was definitely boysenberry but with the greek yoghurt I am not 100% sure there was vanilla bean custard with it. It was delicious nevertheless and yes that mini rant was necessary because now I can sleep. At $7 a pancake, it was a bit steep but if I were to make it myself, it would probably cost the same if not more, I would make a giant mess and half the ingredients would go to waste in the end, so would we get it again? Yup.

Gourmet Sausage Rolls
I love sausage rolls. This week I went for the moroccan lamb, and my sister the beef and cheese. Not exactly sure what makes them gourmet but still nice and at $4.50 each, they're cheaper than the ones I get for lunch at the mall.

Not exactly breakfast food but a good and refreshing palate cleanser. Lemon and mixed berries, great combination... I didn't have any so I could be lying. $5.50 for two scoops.

On a little side note, I bought a gelato/ice cream maker on boxing day two years ago, I want to say I haven't used it yet, but I think I can do one better by saying I have not even taken it out of the box. One day...

Macarons for later. I think they were about $16-$17 for six but I got a 10c discount because the girl had no change so that's a little bonus... they look so pretty.

We also had chicken skewers which looked nice at the time, and they advertised that they use thigh meat, so I thought it would be tender and juicy. Quite the opposite. Not only were they tough and dry, the teriyaki sauce they used was overly salted, never again!

The ribs and wiener stalls smelt good, but were always very busy and with a time limit, we didn't get a chance to try. No hot chocolates for us either this time because they weren't making them that day... sad but there's always next time... which will be the next time I am forced to take holidays... so... soonish, yay!


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