Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! and Anniversary!

This year Chinese New Year fell on the same day as our anniversary (we have many anniversaries but this is one of the more important ones), so unfortunately we couldn't have our usual romantic (ha!) date night because it's more about family.

Lunch and dinner were pretty low key but after some googling I made sure I put a little tradition in our meal. Apparently long noodles to represent long life... I think they were long... dumplings and spring rolls because... there was a reason but I didn't finish reading. I did want to get some sashimi as well but it's not as easy to find as I thought it would be without dissecting a fish myself... which probably with my new present would have been okay (more on that later), but it takes a sushi chef years of training before they are even allowed to slice fish, so it would be disrespectful for me to do so.

No pictures of food this time *shock horror* but they were mostly store bought so if you really need a picture, they look like what dumplings and spring rolls would normally look like.

First Red Packet... that's Gold...
"New Year" Necklace.
Gold and red are auspicious colours to wear, I've never really been one for tradition but I finally found an occasion for my Les Nereides necklace... and it was also kind of my something new for New Years, I did have new shoes somewhere, which would have been more traditional but it didn't match my outfit... hopefully that doesn't mean I've cursed myself for life.

As for the "more on that later" part...

A Knife.
Jack was going to buy me a ring for our anniversary and because I am an awesome fiancé I declined it because he just finished studying and I don't want him to dip into his savings, and secretly, when he gets a job I will want a super duper in your face/jealous/explode ring, so I'm going to wait for that one. So for our anniversary I wasn't expecting anything but then he decided to surprise me, with a knife. A knife. Don't get me wrong, it's a really good knife and to be honest it is a great gift for me because I LOVE cooking and kitchen equipment........ but not as an anniversary present. I traded a ring for a knife?! When I think about it later I will be happy that I got this knife and no I won't be using it to stab anyone (you always read stories in the news of what happens when the other half gives them a knife) but for now, boys are stupid.

But I love him.


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