Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let's do this!

To say I've been busy is a semi lie. Lazy is probably closer to the truth, but... no I really have just been very lazy...

and then I remembered that this was never meant to be a food blog, I kind of originally wanted something about Jack and I, worst case scenario if one of us get amnesia or something (I get murdered by an axe murderer and secretly leave clues in here to solve the crime), there would be a record... but it kinda ended up that I just really, really like food and all I wanted to do was talk about food... that is not going to solve my murder!

So for the New Year... Chinese New Year... (still early for that... yes!) I am going to start blogging again (try...). Also, hopefully, time spent blogging also means less time spent online shopping... it could have just been building up to the Christmas/New Years period that shopping took a massive spike upwards but better not take those chances!

There we have it.

Chinese New Years Resolution: (I would also like to point out I hate making New Year Resolutions because I don't believe in making changes at a set time, but we'll just go with it for now)

More blogging, but not just about food...

But while I still have A LOT of food photos on my camera... (and will continually have A LOT of food photos on my camera) let's not waste them :)

So these are from October last year, for our anniversary dinner at Kinji. We actually went there last week for my sister's birthday but hungry/greedy people forget to take photos... the food is always AMAZING by the way!

Sea Cucumber
Wasabi Octopus
Chicken Stuffed Pumpkin Ball
Soft Shell Crab Tempura
Scampi Sashimi
Scampi Miso
Teppan Grill
Speaking of anniversaries, we do have one coming up this week, but because it coincides with New Years it will be more a family thing this year, so see what happens, we can still do something to make it special!


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