Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sweet Treats

 Went for a breakfast/dessert date at Strawberry Fare with the girl's from work yesterday as a bit of a treat and because shock horror, none of them had been to the new restaurant before?! I know, how ridiculous! But I got that sorted! and yes the waitress did give us a surprised look when I asked for the dessert menu, do people not eat dessert with breakfast?

French Toast with Fruit
Warm Raspberry Drenched Chocolate Cake
Creme Brûlée 
The girls were pretty useless, breakfast and then not finishing their desserts. Admittedly the breakfast was huge but really, it's only like two courses, they definitely would not qualify for my buffet buddy! Looks as if I'll just need to train Jack a little harder...

My french toast was yummy but possibly a little too eggy, very minor though. It was meant to come with bacon but as I mentioned last time, pancakes, waffles and french toast just don't go with bacon... it's weird! Fruit is much healthier, therefore my french toast was much "healthier"!

For my dessert I chose the creme brûlée because the daily tasting plate didn't appeal and even though I love the warm raspberry drenched chocolate cake, I need to be less boring sometimes... not that creme brûlée is the most exciting thing ever, but I really like cracking the sugar topping. When I went last time their tasting plate had a berry creme brûlée and it was delish! This one was just alright, it was better when I mixed the berry coulis with it.

All in all, lunch with the girls was lovely, great to gossip and catch up because seeing each other five days a week is just not enough you know :p But jeepers, wouldn't it be lovely to go on girl dates everyday... one day...  


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