Saturday, February 16, 2013


Someone wasn't very prepared this year.

Trying to get a dinner reservation two days before Valentines Day is really cutting it, in fact we couldn't get a table anywhere.

Our last try was with Cook N With Gas. Of course they were fully booked but they suggested we go for lunch instead as they would be open for late lunches too. Now I know they don't do lunches so they must have meant The Astro Lounge which is part of their restaurant but the food is very different. To be honest, wasn't really impressed with the whole situation but options were running low and theres nothing worse than being a grump on Valentines Day so we decided to give it a go.

I knew where to go, and there were signs pointing where to go, but I almost didn't want to go because I'm the the kind of person who imagines the worse and I did not have high expectations to say the least.

I'm so glad we went. It was very casual but at the same time we felt very calm and relaxed. I'm the kind of person who gets grumpy when it's too hot (amongst a whole lot of other things too) but the shaded dining area in the courtyard was perfect.

Dining area
Jack ordering food (one of my favourite things in life) at the bar
Relaxing with a cider
The menu was simple and very reasonably priced ranging from $5-$35 so we didn't know if the food would be in very small portions or if we needed to order a lot of dishes, and well, I like to eat myself silly. We (I) decided on the Universal Platter, which had nearly everything except the ceviche and I love ceviche so we got that too. We were going to get another platter with the pickles, bread and cheese but decided to give what we ordered a go first and order more later cause they were open late anyway.

The platter was huge!

Universal Platter
Silver Surfer
Huge is one thing, awesome was the other. The thing is, it's really simple food, but it was really really good food and the accompanying sauces, oh my goodness, I think they make their own, if not I need to know where to get that aioli and tartare, I could drink that stuff. I was expecting bar food, not for there to be so much flavour and mmmm in everything. I actually sat there going mmmm after every few bites (every bite would have been creepy). 

Didn't need to order the ceviche in hindsight but still glad we did, it also came with pickled mussels and basil bruschetta. I LOVE ceviche. Did not disappoint! 

Presentation of the ceviche and sauces in the little paua shells, so cute and kiwi. Loved it.

So... we finished the food (left a few chips though) and I almost threw up from eating too much, but luckily kept all that goodness in my tummy. It was a great Valentines meal. I didn't need to dress up and go to that fancy dinner after all, all I needed was loose clothing, A LOT OF FOOD and Jack.

Roses for Me
and I got roses... I'm not going to lie, I love getting flowers.


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