Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Conference Dinner @ The Wharf

Jack sleeps really late so when he got up extra early the other day to help me change my bandage before I had to leave for conference my heart just melted.  I was only gone for a day but I knew he missed me when I got home and there was an extra blanket on the bed because he gets cold when I'm not next to him...

We stayed at Skycity this year. Breakfast and lunch were all at the hotel and boy do I hate buffets. Well, we have this love/hate relationship. I did behave a little this year... I didn't go back for seconds, only filled my plate up like silly and dessert (you have to eat dessert!). I don't normally eat like this (at least not from today I swear... well, I'll try...) but when it's all you can eat, you have to eat!

Jack: What did you eat for breakfast?
Me: I had 3 sausages, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, mushroom, hash brown, eggs benedict, bacon, smoked salmon and a bowl of fruit... because that's healthy...

He thought I was joking... If I hadn't eaten all those eggs I could have had more... stupid eggs.

My beef main
For the gala dinner we went to The Wharf. According to their website, they are Auckland's leading premier corporate, social and wedding venue. Very beautiful location especially with the sun setting on the water. Entrees were nice, the salmon flavours with the cous cous didn't blend that well with my palate though and texture wise, the chickpeas were a bit strange with the chicken. I still finished it all. I think I was the first at my table. No time to talk, too busy eating!

I chose the beef for my main because the waitress wasn't sure what the fish was and had a sneaking suspicion it was tuna and that kind of put me off. I like tuna but it's hard to cook and you can ruin a steak and it normally still tastes better than ruined tuna. The short rib was really good! The rest of it was okay because after Strawberry Fare you just couldn't compare. My beef was a little over done, the lady next to me had a juicier looking one but I guess when you have to cook for 70-80 people, consistency is hard. I'm glad I got the beef though... the tuna looked dry and colours were a lot blander than the description would imply.

Dessert was amazing though. Simple, but it worked really well. Visually it wasn't worth me taking a picture but it was the highlight of dinner. So, you can't judge food by how it looks (I know that, I cook a lot of tasty slop), except the tuna, a lot of people didn't finish theirs...

I came back last night and it's amazing what a day away of eating can do to you... but hey, now there's a little bit more of me to love right?!


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