Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Grand Cafe

The other day I drove past Strawberry Fare and saw they were opening again and got really excited (earthquakes spoil everything!). So much so that I spent the whole night thinking about it. To add  to my excitement, the new location is right next to Burger King and with my love of whoopers, how was that not a match made in heaven?!

So you can imagine my heartbreak when we got there, one building had been demolished and the other was closed temporarily for that one day. I was hungry and on the verge of crying. We had to find food quick, and with all the road blocks and alternate routes in town now, ended up at The Grand Cafe inside the casino.

I got a new app...

I'm not sure if I like four small pictures combined into one, or four big pictures. It's more convenient but I guess it's like food, one big meal or four tasting plates? When I cook, I like variation and I always have soup, at least two minor dishes and a main... anyway, ramble over, back to the subject. Got there, had to ask to be seated because the ladies at the counter didn't seem to care and got seated between these two other table in an otherwise empty restaurant. We ordered the soup of the day (potato and leek), a kiwi burger and the duck liver parfait. The food was decent and in their defence it was quite cheap so expectations aren't high. If there are chips with my order, I am generally happy...

After lunch we went to the park because Jack has developed an addiction to feeding ducks (and yes I know what we ate for lunch but they are different kinds... yes I keep telling myself that!). I on the other hand think they are evil and out to get me after one bit me the other week while Jack was on one of his highs and feeding them too close to me.

Jack and his fans
I had to drag him away from them, mostly because they were looking threatening towards me so we went to the other side of the park. Had to walk really fast because they were still following Jack. Found a bench to relax on and he had a nap while I played on my phone. Biggest shock of my life when one of his ducks waddled over to our bench like it was normal to say hi and where's my cheerios?! Yes I did scream and wake Jack up but seriously, how creepy and stalkerish is that!

Beware of ducks!


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