Sunday, January 8, 2012

Samurai Bowl

I love Japanese food! I love eating it, looking at it, taking pictures of it, dreaming about it, making it, studying it... actually... that statement applies to most foods but nevertheless, Japanese will always be my favourite.

Before the earthquake, Samurai Bowl was located in what I would describe as a hole in the wall. Walked past it many times but never really appealed. After the quake, to be honest, all new or reopened restaurants appealed, especially the Japanese ones.

Normally at a Japanese restaurant I take charge, drool over the menu and try to order as many things I can. This time I let Jack take charge because it was lunch time and he has more restraint than me... I had already ruined dinner all week by over eating at lunch time.

Jack loves dumplings. For starters he ordered  the negi mayo gyo-za dumplings (deep fried dumplings with mayonaise and spring onions) and takoyaki (octopus balls). I love watching bonito flakes dance on the hot takoyaki, it's like free entertainment... and "mains" we had the spicy miso ramen with a soft boiled egg (extra $1) and katsu curry on rice which came with a free miso soup! I love when things are FREE, but is it ever really free or just great marketing?


The starters were actually decent. The pork cutlets in the katsu curry were a little dry (my dad makes an awesome breaded pork cutlet seriously! this just couldn't even compare) but it wasn't too bad. I liked the ramen, Jack gave me all the fatty pork because he was disgusted by it and it probably was but I am disgusting and I LOVE fat!

Overall, I actually really liked Samurai Bowl and the 4.7 aftershock didn't even bother me because I was too busy concentrating on eating.


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