Monday, January 16, 2012

Spring Onion Pancakes

The first time I cooked for Jack I made an epic six course Chinese dinner. Epic because prior to that, despite my dad being a chef, my cooking mostly consisted of food that came from a packet/can with the words instant or easy on it.

The six courses took me approximately six hours and there were a lot of carnage and casualties. But they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and if I hadn't already stolen it with my cuteness and intelligence (haha), after that meal, he was definitely mine.

The dish he enjoyed most and probably took the least time and effort to make were my spring onion (scallion/green onion) pancakes. Tonight we decided not to over indulge and have a nice home cooked meal, so for my part of the effort I made these simple but yummy spring onion pancakes.

Nom Nom!
Spring Onion Pancakes
(makes 4-6 pancakes)

2 1/2 cup of flour and extra for dusting
3/4 cup hot water
1/4 cup cold water
2 stalks of spring onion (20g)
1/4 tsp of salt
1 tbsp chicken bouillon powder (optional)
Dash of sesame oil
Oil for brushing and cooking

Pour the hot water into the flour and mix quickly. Slowly add the cold water (you may not need all of it) and knead (kung-fu) into a ball of dough. Drizzle a little oil over the ball, pop a damp cloth or paper towel over the top and let it rest (much deserved!) while you get the spring onion mixture ready.

You should use only the greens of the spring onion, but if you are cheap or non wasteful (I am the former), you can tell yourself it doesn't matter. Chop and sprinkle with salt, bouillon powder and a dash of sesame oil and let it get a bit soft and slimey (mmm slimey).

Divide dough into 4-6 pieces and roll out on a lightly floured surface. I'm not an expert roller but good on you if you are, I don't even have a proper rolling pin so I think I do pretty well. Brush a little oil over the flattened dough and spread the slimey spring onion over it. Now if you did get cheapo with your mixture, break up the white bits of the spring onions so it's not a chunk. Roll up the dough and coil it like a snail. Flatten and repeat one more time. The finished result if you are awesome is a round pancake, but if you are even more awesome you get an odd shape which makes it all the more unique! Brush pancake with oil on both sides, cover to prevent drying and repeat process with the rest of the dough.

Heat up the frying pan with approx. a tbsp of oil on medium heat and fry one pancake at a time. Flip when the desired browness or crispness is achieved. When complete, blot with paper towels. Repeat with other pancakes. Eat immediately! Do it!

See, easy.

Slime + Dough = Snail?
I like my pancakes doughy but if you want them crispier roll them out thinner. If you don't intend to dip in sauce or eat with other things, add a little more salt. I added a lot more than a dash of sesame oil because I love the smell of that stuff. You can use vegetable or fish bouillon too, it's really because I like that stuff for that extra little flavour (emphasis on little) but not necessary. Don't be too stingey or scared of the oil, you blot after cooking anyway.



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