Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shanghai Bistro

Couldn't be bothered cooking the other night because it was only the two of us so we went out for a little dinner date. I love dates! :)

We were very excited because a new Shanghai restaurant had recently opened, which means..... xiaolongbao! oh yeah! Actually when we got there we noticed the new restaurant next door that looked a whole lot more exciting because they also had buns AND hand pulled noodles! ...but they weren't officially open so we disappointingly had to stick with our original choice...

I can't speak mandarin chinese and sometimes that is a disadvantage because whilst Jack went to scope out the restaurant next door leaving me to get a table, I got pushed in front of twice for a table. I think Jack thought I was pissing around when he came back and everyone was seated except us.

Soup Dumpling
Hot and Sour Soup
Apparently they can only steam 3 dozen xiaolongbao at a time and as we were last to be seated *grumble* we had to wait a bit before we got our dozen because you don't go to a Shanghai restaurant and not order them! They were pretty good and the wait was forgiven.

The hot and sour soup wasn't that bad either but it didn't have woodear fungus and generally just lacking in ingredients but flavours were nearly there.
Sweet and Spicy Fried Tofu
Spicy Chicken Hot Pot
Candy Meatballs
I may have made the candy meatballs name up but I'm sure I heard someone call them that... they were soooooo tender. Apparently if made properly you don't even have to chew because it just melts in your mouth but I think that would be a very high up chef skill, nevertheless these fellas got very close. It was almost weird but a very interesting experience.

The tofu was yummy. I don't normally like tofu but the sauce was really addictive and nice with rice...

Chicken hot pot came with a fiery flame and started spitting spicy juices at us throughout the meal which is fine because oil based foods need to be kept hot and boiling. Lots of chicken, Jack ate a few pieces and I had to finish because he sucks and my goodness every time I scooped around the pot I found more chicken! 

Overall the food at Shanghai Bistro was decent but I could not stop thinking about it's neighbor Shanxi Noodles. There were a few things on the menu that we would be interested in trying next time maybe but probably not the following...

Dodgy Looking Duck...
I seriously hope that duck soup does not have a duck head floating in it staring at you. Perhaps they got pictures of food from the internet? Is that appealing to anyone? It's looking at you?!

On a side note, Joyful is officially open today and was going to make a trek out there to get wontons and pan fried dumplings but I spoilt my appetite with some ice cream (two big scoops with whipped cream and chocolate fudge sauce) and too much dinner... and maybe some Godiva chocolates... and a handful of nuts, to be fair are good for me (wontons and dumplings were meant to be supper... see that's why I put on so much weight). I won't be kept away for too long though, they're so much closer now that it might possibly become a weekly thing like the good ole days when dad worked there and brought them back for my sister and I every Friday night after work. I can't wait!

So excited!


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