Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fast Food in Rotorua

After lunch at Eight *drool* we set out for a long drive down to Rotorua. By the time we got there it was dark, the place we stayed at did not look like the pictures, in fact I was convinced that it was haunted and ended up screaming in the middle of the night when I saw a shadow... which was just the chandelier but yeah... anyway, after we checked in we went for a dip in the thermal pools and had a very disappointing dinner which probably set me towards the bad mood and may have resulted in the whole ghost thing... dinner is very important! It can mess with your head.

The next morning McD's saved the day with their mc muffins, hash brown and free wifi and off we went to explore the beautiful Waimangu Volcanic Valley.

Beautiful Colours
Matcha Pool?
Google maps took us to the wrong place, which turned out to be the right place because we got the names confused and therefore we ended up at Waimangu Volcanic Valley. Wasn't really prepared for a 2-3 hour walk, mentally and physically but at least I wasn't wearing a skirt. 

It rained heavily on and off. For two hours we did not see a single soul and with the bubbling steamy water and heavy rain I thought we were going to die... We finally made it to the bus stop after two and a half hours because we had to skip some of the advanced tracks (there were warning signs that said it wasn't recommended for children, elderly and unfit persons... unfit person tick!) and finally people!

Lion Cubs
Kune Kune
With time to spare the brochures said we could pet lion cubs at Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park... who could say no to that?! On the way I joked that the only wildlife they had were lions... I wasn't wrong... nevertheless it was AWESOME! The cubs were so cute but being cubs they got tired easily and lay in their pen for the majority of the time we were there... and the farm animals! Jack did most of the feeding because I was awfully scared they were going to eat my hand and when I tried I looked like that...

Yeah... I loved it. Small wildlife park but more hands on. Would love to go back, the animals were sooo cute! 

Before the long drive back to Auckland we stopped at Wendy's to refuel. We don't have a Wendy's back home because of the earthquake so it was really a treat.
Spicy Chicken Burger
BBQ Bacon
The chicken burger was a bit dry but everything else was good... in respect to what we had eaten since the night before. We upsized and I'm not sure how big the drink was but for the three and a half hour drive back I only managed to finish half of it... 

oh and we nearly hit a guy in Huntly... to be fair, everyone nearly hit the guy... probably his intention though... but we made it safely back to Auckland in time for dinner and so that ended our mini road trip.


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