Sunday, July 1, 2012

Night Market @ Westfield Glenfield North Shore

So after dinner at Tatsumi we checked into our hotel, sat around for a bit and then ventured off to the night markets for food... and yes we were very full from dinner, but the night markets only happen on the weekends and it was Sunday already!

Wow. There were so many stalls and everything looked and smelled so good. We walked around for a bit to try and walk off dinner (didn't help) and then made the hard decision to settle on a few things to eat.

Crab and Prawn Yaki
Spicy Grilled Squid Legs
Caramel Filled Churro
After Japan day's disastrous takoyaki experience, I wasn't too enthused with these little morsels. However, this stall we found didn't just offer takoyaki, they had crab and prawn "takoyaki"! They were amazing. After eating one of these juicy pillowy balls I remembered I was still extremely full from dinner but I could not let my stomach down! 

We should have stopped after the balls but you know... we found a grilled lamb and squid stall. Back home at the lantern festival we got ripped off by the lamb kebab stall so we did not have high expectations but not only were these kebabs cheaper, they were much tastier too! The squid was hard to eat until Jack told me that if I was going to eat street food I was not allowed to be a lady! Got it!

Dessert was a jumbo churro filled with caramel. Jack wanted the cheese filled one but they sold out. I don't normally like caramel but yum... and how do you take a picture of a jumbo churro without it looking dodgy?

Morning in Auckland
We stayed at the Hilton. Get this, we even got a drink from the mini bar! How luxurious. HA HA! It was really nice. 

Adidas Horse
and there was a horse in the opposite building to greet us... ? 


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