Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh So Joyful!

On Friday night I was suddenly hit with a cold and the only thing I could think about was how I would not be able to enjoy Joyful if I was sick... sad but true.

Saturday happened, took a lot of cold medicine to suppress the symptoms but side effects included chest pains, vomiting and totally spacing out (possibly even the sudden violent outbursts at Jack but yeah...). That did not stop me thinking about pan fried dumplings and wontons though... and then it happened... we had Joyful for dinner! I had to make it happen though... Someones birthday? My shout! It's all about them... (not really I just wanted me some goodies!)

Pan Fried Dumplings
Deep Fried Wontons
Wonton Soup
Roast Duck
Deep Fried Garlic Ribs
Stir Fried Green Beans
Dinner was at 7.30 because that's the only time we could get a booking. It was really busy. New place was great, so much closer to home and work. Jack and I already agreed that we would go after work for supper on Thursdays!

Food came really quickly despite the crowds, dumplings were perfect. Oh how I missed them! The deep fried wontons were huge. Jack was nearly full from the dumplings and one and a half wontons... pathetic I know, I may have to abandon the idea of making him my buffet buddy.

My favourite was the wonton soup, of course. The soup needed a little more flavour but that could have also been because I was sick so it's all good, the wonton meat was as springy as ever and because I strategically placed it closer to me, I got to have extra. I almost forgot I was sick. You can not get better wontons anywhere. Seriously! I need that secret recipe! Dad worked there for a while and his wontons are good and got better, and Jack agrees that dad's wontons are better than most restaurants, but not good enough to beat these ones damnit... sigh

Because you can't just eat dumplings and wontons for dinner (you can but I don't want to look cheap if I'm paying for dinner and make them eat the entrees) we also ordered the roast duck, ribs and green beans. They were nice and filled everyone up lovely despite being the "small" size, we even had leftovers to take home... no wontons though, those babies were all in my tummy!

I'm so happy they are up and running again, they still sell their birthday/celebration cakes and have mini cakes you can order for dessert, but the rest of their bakery business is going to be open at another location sadly at a later date. I miss their breads... I can't wait for that to be open too,then it would be awesomely prefect, but their wontons will keep me super happy for now... :)


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