Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eight at The Langham

Eight is an exciting culinary destination offering eight open, world kitchens taking diners on an unforgettable culinary journey.
At Eight dining is a journey, and every destination is as fascinating as the next. No two meals are the same. What is the same is the quality, passion and freshness of the food prepared at each of the eight kitchens that comprise this exciting culinary journey, as you create your own personal degustation.

Plate 1
Indian Curries
I was at the doctors today for a routine check-up and she doesn't normally tell me to hop on the scales but she took one look at me and told me I'd put on weight :( I put on 4 kilos! It's on my record now too!

Possible contributing factor (of many), Eight at The Langham! Above are just a small selection of the goodies I ate for lunch that day. It did get a bit messy and over indulgent after the first few dishes. The sushi and dessert stations were my favorite because I didn't have to wait for the chef to cook it. We ate for two hours and Jack had to give up, I could still keep going but it's not fun eating alone... and they had a pink chocolate fountain!

Definitely worth the price and can't wait to go back. Need to work out a strategy for eating though, because while eyeing what every other table was doing I noticed that they must have been seasoned buffet eaters and worked as a team, for me with food it's every man for themselves but then you waste time and don't eat as much, need to work out a strategy and train Jack's stomach!

Thank goodness we don't have awesome buffets down here...  


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