Monday, April 2, 2012

Yay date day!

I love dates! Jack has been sooo busy since uni started. Apart from sleep time, I've probably spent less than an hour with him alone.

Plan for the day, lunch then movie. There was suggestion of going for a walk in the park and feeding ducks but I shut that idea down.... damn ducks.... Lunch choice was originally Sakura but they don't open on a Monday?! Then I remembered the eatery opposite North and South and thought it would be interesting and different from our usual haunts.
Chicken Wings and Sausies
Dolmades and Rice Paper Chicken Wrap
Spanish Salad, North African Spring Roll and Pastries
Yum! But before I go on about the food, slight complaint about how confusing it was to order and know what everything was. There were three different display counters of food and a big menu that you can't order from until after 5pm, very limited space and for people like me who want to eat everything, it was very hard to order everything especially when it is also such a busy place. Other than that it was delightful and will definitely go back to try the other food... the meatballs looked very scrummy! I loved the sausages and the sweet pastries were bursting with flavour.

Cute Jug of Water
The owner (I think?) was lovely, I had a slight freak out moment that I would not be able to carry all the plates and break something because I do that when I try not to, but he asked where we would like to sit, carried a jug of water, set our table and carried all our plates for us. Awesome. Then Jack had a weird episode where he was convinced they put something in the water to make it taste different something like a berry... I could not taste it but played along, he even asked the owner what was in it and he gave a confused look so now it's a conspiracy or something that the water tastes good. If you are ever at Mosaic by Simo please try the water.

After lunch we had time to kill before the movies so we went for some chocolate and a drink at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge. The guy serving us was overly enthusiastic and below are two pictures of what we ordered and how they should have been displayed as opposed to how they were displayed.

Nice Display
I ate one but you get the idea...
After the brief chat at the counter I am very sure the dodgy threesome was not a coincidence... the yellow frog was the best by the way... felt a bit uncomfortable eating them though.

I had a wonderful day! Can't wait for the next date day baby... next year maybe? :(


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