Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brunch at Strawberry Fare

Decided to grab a quick snack at Sushi World while doing a bit of the groceries the other day with my sister. They're a lot more expensive than the packs of sushi you get at the mall and takeaways but it's fun to be able to pick what you want. Their teriyaki chicken sushi is yum! none of that salty chopped up stuff you normally get. Rice was a bit hard this time, but it happens.

Snack Sushi!
About an hour later, after much pondering of what to have for lunch, we ended up at Strawberry Fare for weekend brunch! Yay!

Smoked Salmon with Avocado, Poached Eggs and Croissant
Vegetarian Pancakes
I'm not a vegetarian but bacon with pancakes have never sounded appealing for me. Love bacon, but with pancakes, waffles and french toast?! I just don't get it. So for the vegetarian option I got extra fruit. Fruit = healthy. It was a delight, the pancakes were so fluffy! and according to my sister, her meal was equally nice.

I think we were both a little bummed at how filling brunch was though, because we really wanted dessert. You don't go to Strawberry Fare and not get dessert! To be fair though, mine was a bit of a dessert so I was still very satisfied.

Maybe next time we won't grab a snack an hour before... or, maybe next time we just eat ourselves silly?! good idea.


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