Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh Akaroa, What happened to you?!

My favourite fish and chip shop burnt down a while ago and it was very sad for my stomach, despite that though, I thought it would still be awesome to go to Akaroa and try something different for a change.

When we got there I was starving and a bit iffy from the drive and settled quickly for the nearest restaurant. After being told to take a seat and that we would be served soon... yeah that didn't happen. We waited and waited and when we went to find someone after waiting for so long we were told that the kitchen was closed... so that was frustrating to say the least.

We walked up and down the main street to look for food, and seriously, without the fish and chip shop it's like a ghost town. Why is everything closed on a Tuesday?! It was cold and I needed food, something warming. L'Escargot Rouge was our saviour. It's a tiny, tiny cafe and we had to wait a bit for a table to clear before we could sit inside but it was perfect.

Tomato Soup
Salmon Pie
Bacon and Egg Pie
They don't have a big selection of food but at least there was some effort put into it for a small cafe/deli. Prices weren't ridiculous for the location and a little salad and tomato relish on the side, they make me pay for that at my normal cafe. Anyways, when I'm trying to be healthy (yes I know pies are bad but I wanted something warm!) I always pick the fish choice which is not always a good idea when you are feeling weird but I kept it down, go me! I didn't eat the lemon on top of my pie though. I wasn't sure if it was decoration or if it had a purpose, either way, not a fan of lemon skin.

Cloudy and Boring...
I love Akaroa and I'm sure there is more to it than fish and chips! I know there is. Maybe it was the weather, the bad service from the restaurant I shall not mention and me being unwell, but seriously, this is the first time ever in my life I have been so disppointed being there. sigh. Akaroa, despite all this, I'm not giving up on you just yet!

See you when the fish and chip shop rebuilds....


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