Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Japanese and Mexican

The first Japan Day was held on Sunday. Did not intend to go but after a little research and realised that there would be food stalls I was excited...

The location was a bit strange and cramped. Very cramped. There were so many people there! I didn't get to enjoy myself or take pictures like I wanted to because I was stuck at the takoyaki stall for an hour.

Normally I am patient but by the end of it I was just angry and about to abuse everyone. The stall offered cheese and takoyaki balls. 80% of the customers wanted takoyaki yet they made excessive amounts of cheese so the line wouldn't get smaller and people could randomly buy the cheese balls without lining up so they could get rid of them. It took 20 minutes for the takoyaki to cook, I don't understand why the vendor sold them in lots of 8 when that meant they could only cook about six batches at a time so basically they could only serve a maximum of six people per 20 minutes?! Then there were the people who didn't know how to line up or pushed in and a group of friends who took up a lot of room when only one person was paying. The thing is, it wasn't even worth it, in the end they weren't exceptionally great but when you wait so long for them, giving up was not an option!

Okonomiyaki Stall
Sashimi on Rice, Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki
The okonomiyaki was decent. We ended up with two kinds of sashimi on rice but I only managed one photo. Wasn't too sure what the leafy green stuff was but I presume it was shredded shiso leaves, something that I have always bypassed, leaving it to sit there in it's whole form on the sashimi platter. A little strange tasting but interesting. Oh my, I just realised looking at the photo that they left out the mayo on the takoyaki... not cool man. Not cool.

Pineapple and Passionfruit Margarita
Chilli Con Queso Starter
Our Mains
Had a lovely dinner and catch up with Danni at The Flying Burrito Brothers. Definately weren't as busy as the time Jack and I went, but it was a Monday. Danni ordered the beef burrito and I ordered the fish taco because last time Jack had it, it was lovely. It was also in a hard shell taco and the fish were pan-fried. I don't know what happened this time... the deep frying of the fish left it oily, dry and in Chinese cooking one reason we choose to deep fry is because it is not fresh enough to steam...and judging by the fishy smell of it, I don't think it was too fresh... the salsas and salad were lovely though! A positive! We started with a pitcher of the daily special margarita for drinks and when we ordered a pitcher of the other daily special, it looked exactly like the first one, except it was meant to be strawberry and peach flavoured... I thought strawberry was normally red?

Minor things though, after Sundays horrible experience, it would take a whole lot more to disappoint me... and we were done with dinner in an hour with plenty of chatting time in between, how amazing is that?! So much can be done in an hour, I hope to never waste it again on mayo-less mediochre takoyaki balls!


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