Friday, March 9, 2012

Quick Dinner at Cookai

Had an awful day at work. The highlight of the day prior to dinner were the half price chicken nuggets from McDonalds I snuck out to get. They probably weren't that great but in regards to everything that had happened it was amazing.

Sushi/Sashimi Platter and Sashimi with Sauce etc?
Tofu Salad, Fried Rice, Soft Shell Crab and Tempura Sushi
Assorted Tempura, Sashimi and Yakitori
Cookai used to be my favourite Japanese restaurant before I discovered Kinji and Tatsumi. Due to a slight addiction and possibly love for the latter two, it was almost a betrayal if I went elsewhere unless it was a new or unchartered eatery. Tatsumi as I've mentioned is gone and technically in a new location it can be classified as new so no betrayal was made tonight!

I would go back. I wasn't blown away, Jack made a few complaints about some of the dishes *fried rice, weird sauce sashimi, softshell crab* but it wasn't too bad. Their yakitori was good, the barbecue smell that wafted outside was devine. Apparently they are in the process of hiring a proper sushi person so I will look forward to that. They get brownie points for having more than two types of raw fish in their sashimi platter though!

Hello Kitty road trip!
Work has been über busy and stressful (I've decided to get back into my German as a "hobby", thus the über). Jack is pretty much in the same situation with his studies and job hunting. I wish we could just leave everything behind and go on a long long holiday with no worries. Even a little road trip would be nice right now but sigh, so many responsibilities. One day...


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