Monday, February 20, 2012

Dinner Date...

... with Rachael.

Food at Ace Wasabi was alright. Not the best Japanese food around, but the location was beautiful! Perhaps a little weird for a Japanese retaurant, probably more suited for high tea.

Plain Udon
Rainbow Roll
I think what disappointed me was the lack of variety in their fresh fish. Two?! I ordered the rainbow roll because like the sashimi, I was expecting more than two kinds of fish. sigh.  The udon was a bit chewy but had enough flavour.

Vegetarian Options
Rachael is vegetarian so she opted for the vegetarian teppanyaki set with agedashi tofu for starters. I think as a teppanyaki restaurant it may be decent (I will try one day) but as a sushi/sashimi restaurant it still has a long way to go. The sushi rolls may be fancy and pretty looking but lacks that... authenticity? Anyone can make sushi, but it takes many years of proper training to become a sushi chef and you can really taste the difference.

After dinner we went to Coffee Culture for a herbal tea to help digest dinner before heading off to my favourite dessert place Strawberry Fare.

Chef's Tasting Plate
Nice way to finish the night with a burnt raspberry creme brulee, cheesecake, mango sorbet and berries with cream. We both got the same thing, it was too hard not to get that. I want more :( I also need to work on my night photography skills on my iphone...


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