Sunday, February 12, 2012

Anniversary Dinner

Last year for our anniversary dinner we went to Tatsumi as we do for every anniversary celebration. We really enjoyed dinner, but it would be the last time we would celebrate our anniversaries there because twelve days later everything changed. They have relocated to Auckland now and we will definitely go there when we are up, but like many things, it will never be the same.

This year we went to Buddha Stix for celebrations.

Riesling to accompany dinner
Combination Entree and Tom Yum Soup
Lamb Shank in Mussaman Curry and Larb Gai
The last time I was here for a leaving dinner, the group of us were decidedly upset with the service and food. However, (nearly) every restaurant deserves a second chance and Thai food is yummy!

Servings were very generous, and apart from entrees, rice and noodle dishes, every thing came with rice, even soup. Soup for me is a starter dish, but after it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by how full of ingredients this one had. It was a pretty decent version of tom yum too. Unfortunately had we known it really was a main, we would not have ordered two more mains to follow. Dinner was great, presentation was good, the only problems were the tables were too small for more than two dishes and because they were obviously trying to rush us, the food came very close together, before we had even finished so there was a lot of shoving food down throats and pouring into bowls to make room.

Many more years of this to follow...
I can't wait for next year. Special dinners are always awesome! Especially with special people.


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