Monday, August 20, 2012

Shanxi Noodles

Jack is on "holiday" at the moment which means.... dun dun dun... date day!

There are lot's of places on our eating list, but choosing which one to go to today was a no brainer. Shanxi Noodles! I was a little worried it would be closed by the time we got there because a lot of Chinese restaurants don't open on a Monday and/or close at about 2, luckily this was not the case.

Pretty Setting
When we got there we were very impressed with the decor. I don't know many Chinese restaurants here that bother too much with first impressions, but wow.

Puffs with Spicy Beef
DIY Stuffing
Knife Cut Noodles and Sauces
I loved the menu. It was full of coloured photos and stories. I panicked a little when I realised we had to start ordering because there was just too much to choose from, however Jack took over and did his thing while I started fiddling with everything on the table. Again, I apologise, as I didn't pay too much attention to the names of the dishes, at least it's not engrish (though I could amuse myself with that) so... yeah.

The waitress was lovely and even though I had no idea what they were talking about in Mandarin, when she explained stuff or talked, she did it to the both of us, which was really nice because normally they ignore me and I don't exist, but I existed today and I smiled and nodded at things, probably at the wrong time, but still, I existed!

So, kind of like Zest Noodle House they pull their own noodles, dumplings etc and you can also watch as the chef does his thing through the glass, very cool. I was a little upset that they didn't have hot and sour soup until Jack told me that that was not a traditional Shanxi dish... ah... keeping it authentic then, forgiven, brownie points and I learnt something new today.

Entrees were nice. The puff things looked interesting/strange when they arrived and originally Jack had wanted to order another dish but I think the machinery to make that dish hadn't arrived yet so he settled for this instead and I had so much fun with them! You lift up the puff and they are hollow for you to stuff the filling inside or play finger puppets with! Don't worry, I'm not that embarrassing, I controlled myself... this time.

When we ordered the noodles we were told that the large was large and we wouldn't be able to finish it, is that a challenge I hear?!

We failed :( I was disappointed in myself. There was a lot of noodles. Apparently only one Japanese guy since opening was able to eat and finish the large by himself... Kobayashi? anyway, I'm not sure if the sauces come on the side or Jack asked for them on the side because I think normally you choose only one sauce, but since we ordered the large he chose two so we could have a bit more variety... the black spicy beef sauce was my favourite. 

Bathroom Sink
During the meal Jack commented that they had a nice bathroom so after lunch I took my phone in to have a look and take a picture as you do. They had cute Chinese lantern lights, lucky bamboo and mini flower displays on top of the toilets, but what made it extra special was the pretty bathroom sink... I want one of those...

and we've decided that we need to have dinner here and eat with more people so we can order more dishes next time. I'm so excited that we've found a new eating place! Food dates are the best!


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