Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eggs on Toast x 2

We went to Hanmer Springs a while ago and stayed at Select Braemar Lodge as a bit of a treat and it was wonderful!

Definitely will go back again but not too often (unless I become super super rich), puts a bit of a dent in the wallet but these things, you have to do once in a while, for sanity and well being so it was worth it.

We did have dinner but pictures are not ready yet i.e so much effort for now, might have a nap after this to be honest, really tired! So here we have breakfast at their Altitude Restaurant and Bar.

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Viennese
With the breakfast option it included the "lite breakfast", which was juice, cereals, toast, muffins and croissants, which of course we made good use of. I think Jack was a little disappointed it wasn't a full on buffet breakfast (I train him so well hehe), but it's not a busy place, there was only one other couple there so totally understandable and they had eggs benedict, his favourite, so it was fine, problem solved.

The eggs were basically the same thing but with different sauces and presentation. I ordered mine because I didn't know what viennese style poached eggs were, and well... I'm still not very sure... is it the sauce or glass? Nevertheless they were lovely, but had I known that I wouldn't have solved the mystery anyway I would have ordered the big breakfast thing with hash browns and sausages... I love sausages! 

Next time.


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