Monday, May 7, 2012

Just Lunch with Danni

Went for a small lunch date/catch up with Danni this afternoon. I spent a a few weeks researching places to go for lunch (it's a big decision not to be taken lightly!) and we finally settled with Just Desserts.

Reviews of this cafe weren't great but they are also a cake shop and cakes make everyone happy so it can't be that bad right?!

Creamy Mushroom on Ciabatta
Chocolate Mousse Cup
Cookies and Cream Cheesecake
The cakes and desserts in the glass cabinet looked amazing. The plan (my plan) was to try every single one of them but luckily we didn't do that because lunch/breakfast was so filling. It was a little confusing because they didn't have a physical menu and I was such an eager beaver to get lunch started that we went at a bit after 11. At 12 they put up their blackboard lunch menu, had we known, we would have waited for lunch. Nevertheless, breakfast was alright. The wedges were very dry but that didn't matter because it left room for dessert, yay!

Perhaps next time I might give the "main" meal a miss and just go for the treats. I need to listen to my heart more, my original plan was definitely the way to go!


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