Sunday, May 13, 2012

Early Mother's Day Dinner

Happy Mother's Day!

Unfortunately I had work all day and mum had plans for the evening so we did an early celebration dinner last night.

Before all the earthquakes, Yoshi was one of my favourite Japanese restaurants. My sister and I used to always go here on a friday night because it was one of the few places we could actually get a table without a booking (sooo much effort). Nowadays, you are lucky to get a booking and they have seating times, so the whole restaurant (six or seven tables) arrived at 6 and we basically all had to be out by 7.30.

Stuffed Shiitake, Okonomiyaki and Seaweed Salad
Scallop Nigiri, Tako Wasabi and Tuna Tataki
Specially Selected Sashimi 
Yoshi's Carpaccio
Specially Selected Nigiri
Pork Cutlet with Potatoes and Salad
Assorted Tempura
Chicken Nanban with Potatoes and Salad
Tempura Soba Noodle Soup
I was actually surprised they managed to get us out by 7.30. They only had one chef and with so many tables ordering at once they did very well. Did want to order dessert but I think next time if we do intend on eating dessert, we would need to order it at the same time as the meal because we never got the opportunity to do so and our last dish arrived about 10 minutes before leaving time.

We asked for the tempura to be separated from the soup (soggy fried stuff is not our thing) but they forgot. Other than that though the food was good. Probably not as great as I remembered but much better than the ones we'd been to the past few times. My favorite dish is tako wasabi and after eating it at every Japanese restaurant I am fairly sure that it comes packaged but I'm not sure where they get it from because none of the asian supermarkets stock it here. The Japanese supermarket possibly did but sadly they didn't reopen after the quake so currently there is no way to cheaply feed my addiction sigh.

Mixed Cupcake 
Chocolate Cupcake
There was a nice video on the news website's life and style section on how to make cupcakes the other day, which reminded me that I had a voucher for cupcakes. I am actually not too big of a fan of them, they're beautiful and all but I don't really like icing. The cupcake I ate though had mock cream which was better, but still, I prefer fresh cream cakes.


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